remove hitfilm plugins on mac

remove HitFilm Plugins by FXHome on a MAC.

This might help if you’re on After Effects or Apple Motion on a MAC and did everything you could think of to remove HitFilm Plugins by FX Home and they’re still on your AE and Motion Effects menu.

Here are four steps that might help you to remove HitFilm Plugins from your mac machine:


  1. If you’re on AE go to: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plugins/ there are several folders here. Search for “HitFilmPlugins” or “HitFilmIgnite” folders in all the folders in earlier mentioned directory. Delete them. You should be free by now.
  2. If you’re on Apple Motion the location is ~/Library/Plug-ins/FXPlug/ there should be folders of HitFilm Ignite and HitFilm Plugins. Move them to trash to remove HitFilm Plugins from Motion’s plugins menu.
  3. If you’re using something else, try downloading latest HitFilm installers both for the app (like HitFilm Pro 4 or 3) and for plugins only (like HitFilm Plugins or HitFilm Ignite). Install them and open your main compositing / editing / motion graphics software. It should drop a warning about duplicates of the plugins and reveal the directory they’re located in. Go there and delete everything!
  4. However sometimes latest installers are too new and do not help to delete the older versions of themselves as the older ones are located in a folder with different version number. E.g.: HitFilm Pro 4 and Ignite did not help me. But HitFilm Plugins Pack did. If it’s your case too, please download an older version and try installing and uninstalling it (note that it’s on my DropBox so it won’t be reachable forever. Here’s a link to the installer.

Hope that helps.

P.S.: if you’re here I suppose you’re desperate to get rid of everything from FX Home, right? So it is a good practice to spin trough all ~/Library/ and ~/System/Library/ directories and delete everything that has “HitFilm”, “FXHome”, “Ignite”, “HitFilmPlugins” on it, because as crazy as it sounds the HitFilm related apps un-installation process doesn’t do a shit to remove HitFilm plugins from all the 1000 hidden places on the MAC. Nice touch, FX Home.


  • Thanks) It’s really helps!

  • John MI Martinez

    THanks T,
    This helped me too. It wasn’t in an “hitfilm” folder, but in the same area I also found some “IgniteCore” folders (in various versions of AfterEffects) and removed those, and it worked.

  • What a misery that was … pieces of it were scattered over my Library Support folder. THANKS for this post. It is ridiculous that this information isn’t easily found on the app’s home page. Geez.

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