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Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks. Your gut feels it but you’re trying to counteract, right?

Leading a post with a statement that Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks after only five months of owning it might look unreasonable or funny (and probably is), but this is what I think and what I feel now.

I wish someone has told me these things before I bought it, or at least the dealers let me try it for several days. If you’re looking to buy one, I invite you to read my Hyundai i40 Wagon first impressions, that hopefully might help you make a better decision.

What does “a car” mean to me?

First of all let me tell you this. I’m not a car fanatic. I don’t care about tuning, wide alloy rims, design, brand, acceleration time, max speed etc. Things I’m looking for in a car is economy – size – convenience – basic comfort.

That’s exactly why I owned a Škoda Fabia Combi 1.9l Diesel (2007) for five years and was happy with it until it came time to change some main parts which would have cost me more than the car itself (for this obvious reason I can only compare my new Hyundai i40 to my old Škoda Fabia Combi).

So me and my wife decided to look for a newer car which somehow turned out into an idea of getting a brand new one. After trying out several wallet-friendly estates we ended up choosing Hyundai i40 Wagon 1.7l Diesel with manual 6 gear transmission (we got a good price on it and the 5 year warranty played a significant role, as we don’t have much time for repair-shops).

Some of things became obvious after test-drive but seller convinced us it’s solvable. Other things revealed themselves after few weeks of driving…

Without further due, here’s my pros and cons, that should help you decide whether Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks / might suck or not. Oh, and keep in mind – my old Škoda Fabia Combi didn’t have those cons.

CONS. Things that annoy us the most (in random order):

1. Foot level heating in the back of the car is non-existent. I believe there even are no physical holes for it. Seller said it’s hidden – warranty service said “there are none”. So prepare your passengers’ feet to be frozen during all trips with outside temperatures below +15°C. There are two vents on knee level, but that won’t help your feet. Even if set to highest vent speed it will dry your eyes and your face out, but wont help your feet. If I needed to choose one thing why Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks for me – heating would be it.

2. Ventilation system is weird in general. Because no matter what, you always feel the wind blowing in your face and trying to dry your eyes out. Even if set to minimum or off. Possibly it has something to do with the car volume / vent positioning ratio… I never cared about the airflow in a car before. Now I do. Oh, and without expanding into one more point about ventilation – if a temperature is set say to 22°C at drivers seat and the ducts are blowing hot/warm air in your face, there’s literally cold air coming out of mid-zone knee level ducts in the back. We were in warranty service about that and they said it’s normal. Oh, well…

3. Automatic Stop/Start feature might eventually lead you into dangerous situations. You would shift say up to the second gear and would like to accelerate already but suddenly you realize the engine is mysteriously gone into hibernation and a large truck is approaching you from left in a crossing. Happened to me twice in five months. Now I usually turn the feature off once I get into my car.

I’d like to have it disabled by default, but seems like it’s impossible. And I’m the white crow with minimum usage of “neutral”.

4. Front door always tries to slam you back if not opened to the full. Most likely the hinges are too soft to hold the door in next to full fixated position and this is very inconvenient especially if you trying to get out of the car with both your hands occupied.

5. I can’t get fuel consumption lower than 5.6l/100km combined in summer and 6.4l/100km in winter. Specs state 5.1l/100km. Not much, but still seems impossible no matter how much I try.

6. Every time you’ll open the trunk after rain you’ll get a shower. Either your head or if you’re careful your armpits will get wet from water collecting itself on the inner-bottom side off the trunk-doors.

7. Driver seat position is weird and we always feel like falling into it. And it takes serious strength and flexibility to get out. Five months in, I still can’t find comfortable sitting setting. Something just feels not right. My dad hit his head very hard trying to get into the car for the first time. He thought his ear was ripped off.

8. Rain sensor is pretty useless. 90% of the time wiper blades are working like crazy even when there is only a pair of tiny rain drops on the windshield, and they lie still until I can ‘t see a thing during really heavy storms.

9. Then you try to switch the automatic wiper blade’ing off. But thoese start working either infrequent or too frequent – meaning if there’s usual rain, they work if it was a storm in a sea. So I usually end up switching them on and off manually.

10. There are only nets for storing things on the back side of the front seats. Which is inconvenient for a family car. We had pockets in our Škoda back in the day.

11. One more thing why I think Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks is the quality of the plastic. In reality I don’t care, but I know there are lots of people who do – so here you go: plastic finish on edges near coffee cup storage compartments is starting to scratch of. Oh, and after my dad tried to wipe off dust from front panel with a handkerchief now we have permanent signs of his strokes.

PROS. Things that I like about it and therefore my Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks a bit less:

1. Obviously it’s great to have a brand new car. It rides smooth, is tight (sound wise) inside and everything is working smoothly (e.g. gears).

2. It has a really big trunk, and with back seats down, me, my wife and son can sleep there easily. Not that we do, but it’s nice to know you have the ability to.

3. Not that I care too much, but Hyundai i40 Wagon looks nice. All the curves etc.

4. There’s enough space in the back to comfortably sit and also do an hour+ audio recordings. The car has pretty nice acoustics out of the box (doubt that someone except me will care about acoustics, but if you’re wondering why am I talking about it here’s why).

5. Pairing our phones (iPhone and Huawei) via Bluetooth was really easy.

6. There are lots of compartments and pockets to put your things in. Some are secret while the others are not.

7. I love having 6 gears to play with. Keep in mind that gears are pretty “short” in Hyundai i40, but I got used to it.

Final thoughts

After owning and realizing that unfortunately our new Huyndai i40 Wagon sucks I came to following philosophy on my next car buy: it should be a smaller version of a usual wagon (like Škoda Fabia Combi as opposed to Octavia or Superb) or a minivan or at least a minivan’ish automobile (like Renault Grand Espace or Grand Scenic). Because a usual wagon is too big for our everyday life (fuel consumption included) and too small for more serious travel. While a smaller wagon would still be too small for serious traveling, it would be better suited for everyday-city-suburban use. Vice versa the minivan. Great for longer trips – therefore I could justify a bit higher fuel consumption.

Would I buy a Hyundai i40 Wagon again? Brand new – no. Used – definitely not.

I’d rather go with a Fabia instead, but most likely I’d get a minivan or a pretend-minivan.

Should you get a Hyundai i40 Wagon as a family car? If you don’t care much about before mentioned cons and you dig the design – you should. For me the bottom line is that all reviews in the world won’t help. The only thing that can help decide is having the car for a month or at least few weeks (and this is impossible) to see if it fits you.

Thanks for reading. Hope I helped you somehow. If you have a different opinion or know how to fix things that annoy me or have some additional arguments why your Hyundai i40 Wagon sucks be sure to drop a comment.


  • Hi,

    I have also a Hyundai I40 CW, and I fully agree “Would I buy a Hyundai i40 Wagon again? Brand new – no. Used – definitely not”.

    In plus, in my case, after raining I was not able to open anymore the trunk, I have to wait 2 or 3 days, then it starts to work again.

    • Hey, thanks for you comment. The more time I spend in my i40 the more I don’t want to do it anymore.
      About your trunk – this might have something to do with the wiring (like 99.99%). And if you’re still under warranty, you should roll to your warranty guys, because it seems that Hyundai headquarters issued some kind of hardware update (they ordered to replace wiring in trunks of i40’s), that might solve your problem.

  • I love the car but the sound system is archaiic.
    Can anyone tell me how to modify the sound with decent speakers like focal and in that case would it be necessary to change the amplifier too?

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