indraya - su tavim

another mix and master for Indraya – Su Tavim.

My most recent mixing and mastering job for Indraya – Su Tavim (with you). A light and lightly pumping piece of dance electronica. I was pushy enough to stick my fingers into the arrangement too, but the band liked my decisions and they stayed in the final mix. Everything that side-chains to the bass drum was my idea. Ads some energy doesn’t it?

And the piece got it’s way to the radio right away!


  • Dear SirI am looking for laninreg manual to teach me not only how to use Reaper but to explain even the terms and concepts of sound. It is hard for to know when to use something if I don’t know what it does and when I would need it. Hate to say I come from a visual background and not from sound. Right now we are using Reaper on a T61 taken off from a Yamaha 0m96 board. If you can point me in a group of products, that would be great. with regardsJonathan Gilbert

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for your message. Would you please elaborate a bit more about what is your goal in sound. Like are you reaching to enhance your visuals with some sound post or you want to work with music or maybe something else. It is in my plans to do a series of tutorials of mixing a poorly recorded and less than OK performed song from start to finish. That would be a really long one, but that would involve lots of information about sound in general. I’m hesitating because I’m not sure someone will watch it as it will be loooong. Anyways it would be helpful if you could provide me with some information on your situation and goals, Helen. Oh, and by the way, how did you end up here on my site?

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