purple sky with yellow lightning strikes in the background with title thunder and rain free sfx in front

thunder and rain free SFX #1 in MS setup.

In the recording called thunder and rain free sfx you’ll hear some nice thunder strikes on a peaceful summer evening with birds chirping in the background. Few seconds later the rain kicks in and starts hitting the sill my recorder was standing nearby.

the pre-story

For many many years I had an idea to record and share some sound effects, however it’s always hard to find the right time or time in general to do it. When there’s a great sound going on, there’s no recorder in my hand, or the recorder is too far away or I’m just to lazy to start recording…

free sound effects

With this recording I’m ending my lazy days (or not) and will start uploading some sound effects which I’ll be giving up for free of course (e.g. this gorgeous train overhead pass by sound effect). So feel free to download, share, copy and use thunder and rain free sfx and all the others in whatever production you like. Would be nice if you’d consider not to sell my recordings, but if you do, then I’ll be expecting some buck here.


For this recording I used a Zoom H2N portable recorder in MS mode set to records in 24bit @ 48kHz. The recorder is by no means of highest quality and the hiss in quieter parts kill’s me, but hey, it’s small and light and easy to use and what is most important – it has the ability to record in MS mode, which is one of the coolest modes of all (and most of the time I can get rid of too noticeable hiss with some iZotope RX5 Audio Editor love)! Also it has 5 channel surround sound recording capability which by the way works quite nice. All in all it’s a perfect device for a lazy person like me.

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