pieces of smashed watermelon on tiled floor in the background, gree title free watermelon sound effects and sony pcm-d100 recorder as well as sennheiser mkh-416 shotgun microphone sticking out from the right

Bunch of free watermelon sound effects in mono & stereo.

Go ahead and download (from dropbox or g-drive) my set of free watermelon sound effects to celebrate the only hot week trough the whole summer here in Lithuania (fall is going to hit us in two weeks…).

Few days ago I needed to do sound design for a client of ours. It was a 12 second long TV ad that involved some serious watermelon action: rolling into frame, bouncing like a basketball, splitting in two halves, rolling away etc.

As much as I like to justify my laziness and use commercial SFX libraries, for this job I felt like recording everything authentically using my sound effects gathering work horse Sony PCM-D100 handheld recorder and a juicy red watermelon sitting on my kitchen table.

sony pcm-d100 handheld recorder and sennhiser mkh-416 shotgun mic in focus pointing to a smashed to pieces red watermelon

Since ruins of the recording were delicious, we consumed everything after the intense session.

Now because me and everyone working on this project were so happy with the outcome I thought I just can’t let those juicy watermelon SFX rot in my sound effects library hence let me introduce you to a bunch of completely free watermelon sound effects. Recorded not only using Sony PCM-D100 for stereo, but also a Sennheiser MKH-416 for mono! As always 48kHz / 24bit high quality stuff.

Just so you know, this set of free watermelon sound effects contains:

  1. Watermelon smash and crackling sounds.
  2. Watermelon squishing sounds.
  3. Watermelon squeaks that sound like a medium sized dinosaur’s talk.
  4. Watermelon drop and roll sounds.
  5. Watermelon cutting with a knife sfx.
  6. A pair of bonus tracks you may find useful.

Most tracks were de-noised using RX, yet I chose to leave few as is just so you can have more freedom in post.

Download more quality yet free sound effects from me!

And in case you missed my other freebies (thunder and rain, freight train in surround, freight trains in stereo, single engine airplanes), feel free to add them to your sound effects library right away and use ’em however you like.

Also I encourage you to drop your contacts in the form that should have popped up at the bottom of this page already, so you’re up to date once I record and upload a new set of sfx just like this bunch of free watermelon sound effects!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy. As always – would be great to hear my sound effects in action.



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