red locomotive on blurred background with yellow title free train sound effects

Set of free train sound effects recorded using Sony PCM-D100.

Living between two large railroad lines gives me the advantage to capture and share lots of free train sound effects recorded from different perspectives. This time I invite you to download (from google drive or dropbox) a set of free freight train pass by SFX recorded with Sony PCM-D100 pristine quality handheld recorded using 48kHz sampling rate and 24-bit depth in stereo.

Oh, and this is a huge step up from my previous freight train SFX recordings done with Zoom H2n.

Recording train sounds is an excellent father-son activity!

Although I have a really easy access to those gorgeous machines trains are, I more often just go hiking with my son and watch those passing by.

But one time I took my handheld recorder with me and got a question from my son “what is that and what am I doing with it?

I explained it briefly once and can not leave my house if heading to the train rails with my son ever since. He will always make sure I have my recorder with me before we go out. And guess who’s the recording engineer in charge on those trips?

Two year old boy with serious face wearing blue bycycle helmet stands few meters from the railroad line and holds sony pcm-d100 handheld recorder in his hands while a freight train is passing by. Picture from from post about free train sound effects.

This is my son recording one of many freight trains passing by with Sony PCM-D100 in his hand. Oh, and title on the train is written in cyrillic, not because Lithuania is Russia. It’s because Lithuania has a border with Belarus – a transit country for Russian trains.

Be it winter or summer, we take some snacks and head to the line of freight trains (the other one is used exclusively by passenger trains). After setting up a pick-nick snug by the railroad, we sit, talk about life, eat snacks, drink hot tea and wait for the strange whistling sound incoming diesel locomotives make. Plus, machinists ALWAYS hit the horns if waved at – you’ll hear lots of these in downloadable free train sound samples!

Sony PCM-D100 handheld recorder lying on a bar of bridge over railroad, armed to record freight train sounds

Usual position for my Sony PCM-D100 handheld recorder to record sounds of freight trains passing under the bridge. It’s hard to see, but there’s a soft pad under the recorder to eliminate contact thus resonance from hard surfaces.

Usually we have the recorder already waiting in its place and just need to hit “record” on remote control. Guess who’s privilege is that? Then all super excited my two year old son reminds me to stay quiet because he’s recording and there should be no unintentional noises except the sound of train passing by.

Locations & contents of my free train sound effects set

To complete this session of recording a pack of free train sound effects we used four different locations for microphone placement:

  1. On the bridge over the railroad.
  2. Several meters away from the rails.
  3. On the railroad between the rails.
  4. From a yard of my house at night.

scenery of trains sound effects recording location in Lithuania, Vilnius with a bridge over railroad on the left and some lush green trees on the right with green grass and blue yet cloudy sky

Once you download the zipped file (from google drive or dropbox) you’ll find six freight train pass by sfx inside:

  1. Freight train pass by sound recorded from my yard at night about 1km away form the railroad with insects and birds in foreground.
  2. Freight train sound of passing by from left to right.
  3. Freight train sound of passing by from right to left with my son’s remark to stay quiet at the end. This one has some horrifying incoming locomotive action.
  4. Freight train pass by right to left with horn action and birds in the background.
  5. Freight train pass overhead sound effect.
  6. Sound of freight train pass underneath a bridge recorded standing on the bridge. Some excessive horn action and mild chirping of birds in the background.

You are free to download and use these free train sound effects in whatever project you’re doing. It would be great if you gave the recording engineers a credit by linking back to my website or to this post.

Also I’d love to hear the final result these free train SFX were used on.

Please, do not sell them because a curse will fall on you.

And finally – since you know I can provide you with a free train sound effects of high quality, let me know if you want the machine to be captured from a different perspective or something.

As always thanks for stopping by. If you think it’s useful please share this post away on a social network of your preference. Thanks and ’til next time.

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