small river with leaveless trees, pale green grass and snow in the background with yellow title free small river sounds

Set of free small river sounds.

What was supposed to be a short refreshing walk barefoot at 0°C in surrounding woods, turned out being yet another 10k trip (bath in icy water of Vilnia river included), that concluded with a set of free small river sounds captured on my faithful Sony PCM-D100 handheld audio recorder.

Feel free to instantly download them from my dropbox or gdrive if you’re in a hurry. As usual 48kHz / 24bit / Stereo WAV files.

In the link you’ll find:

1. 30s clip of river flowing by sound recorded at about 2m distance from the water.

2. 30s clip of the same river flowing by at about 50cm from the surface in a different location.

3. 30s clip again of the same flowing by small river’s water recorded at about 10cm distance near a stone which created a little “waterfall”.

4. 60s clip captured from a distance of about 5m in the middle of U turn made by the river.

recording location at river Vilnia in Vilnius, Lithuania for free small river sounds post on tomasdabasdoteu

This is where part of recording and all the bathing took part at. Several local ducks were decent enough to quietly stay out of frame during all the processes.

Although I didn’t plan on recording sound effects on this walk as it was relatively cold outside, somehow I ended up not only with this set of free small river sounds but also taking a quick bath in the river itself.

It’s surprising how our minds (well mine in particular) somehow flip after taking several cold showers and general immersions into cold water of a lake, pond or river. This was not my first time I just felt the urge to jump into the water ignoring the fact that it was quite a cold day of December with snow (although melting, but still) and stuff.

one male and one female duck in a river

Two ducks, who were decent enough to not quack during the recording, yet I had to buy their respect later utilizing bread crumbs throwing method.

Anyway, since this post is about free small river sounds, I’ll elaborate more on walking barefoot in winter as well as benefits of cold water some day later.

For now just take the free thing and use it however you like (don’t sell it though!). And if you’d find a spare minute and dropped a link to your work with my sounds in the comments below, that would be great.

Also feel free to check out my earlier high quality SFX on trains, trains in surround, single engine planes, watermelons and thunder strikes. Cheers!



  • Tomas – I think it’s really kind of you to be so helpful to people here on your site and giving away sounds for here for free. Very kind soul.
    I hope everything works out for you in 2019, never give up!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Lou. Hope that my soul is really kind just as you said. And I’m really glad if my sound effects or some article helped out someone.
      I’m sure that everything will work out just as you wanted for you in 2019! Happy New Year, Lou!

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