white cessna single engine airplane on blue grass with yellow sky and title free airplane sound effects

Set of free airplane sound effects captured using Sony PCM-D100.

This time I’d like to share a set of free airplane sound effects, captured on Sony PCM-D100 handheld recorder at  48kHz / 24bit in XY stereo configuration.

Contents of this free airplane sound effects pack

As always feel free to download the package (from dropbox or google drive) and use it however you like (not for reselling of course). Here what’s inside:

  1. Three single engine airplane fly by’s.
  2. One single engine Cessna idle and taxi.
  3. Two single engine airplane start, idle and taxiing. 
three single engine airplanes first being cessna 152, second Su-26, third Yak-52 with sky in background

Cessna 152, Su-26, Yak-52 – three single engine aircraft recorded and packed into my free airplane sound effects set.

Enough recording trains, let’s do planes now!

Since gathering freight train sounds became everyday routine and kind of boring for me an my son, we started bicycling further away from home along the railroad. One afternoon while having a casual snack by the rails we spotted a single engine airplane performing aerobatic tricks few kilometers away.

Back home I did a google research and it turned out that we not only live between two railroad lines, but also between two airports. I knew about one as it’s the only one international airport in Vilnius. But I had no idea there was another one like 12km away into opposite direction.

Obviously next bicycle trip ended up in the Kyviskes airport. Luckily there was some kind of local aerobatics competition show coming up so everyone there were rehearsing their tricks in the air.

Recording this set of 6 free airplane sound effects was H.A.R.D.

Much less luck found I while trying to capture quality and of course free airplane sound effects to share here because of constant heavy wind (furry hat that comes with Sony PCM-D100, didn’t stop it at all), ever talking pilots, airport re-fueling vehicles lurking around as well as other aircraft waiting for take off.

Oh, and of course right behind the fence goes the famous freight train railroad line. It looked like those trains got jealous we decided to record airplanes instead, so there was some serious freight train action with 10 minute breaks.

We needed to get back there three times and do like fifty recordings just to end up with this small bunch of free airplane sound effects of single engine aircraft.

I also needed to do some cleaning up with RX for the tracks to reduce or eliminate low rumble and high broadband noise caused by heavy wind.

Anyway I hope you’ll find those airplane sfx useful. If you like it share it away! If you’ll use it – I’d be glad to hear the result. And you can definitely expect a sequel to this set of aircraft sounds!

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