My name is Tomas Dabašinskas. I’m a co-owner of small, successful audio visual post-production company based in Lithuania, Vilnius.

At work I wear a multilayered hat of voice-over director, sound designer, mixing & mastering engineer and motion graphics designer (range of daily tasks involve lots of compositing, roto, motion tracking, replacing stuff, but for sake of simplicity let’s call it mo-graph designer, ok?).

Occasionally I’m doing 3D graphics, video editing, music composition and voice-over coaching as well.

You could call me jack of all trades and master of none and that would be very close to what I actually am except that I really own the audio part as I’m in the business since 2004. And as long as I’m able to earn my living by jacking all the trades, I am sure to have more happiness in personal and diversity in professional life than, say animator at Pixar or full time recording engineer at Abbey Road Studios.

Before me and my lovely wife got ourselves a company, I used to work in my own DIY recording studio, also as F.O.H. mixing engineer in a live music club as well as travel with top level music artists as their sound guy.

Now I’m old and experienced enough to let other people do the tedious F.O.H. job, and to concentrate on making my part of work in the company as comfortable, efficient and optimized as possible while maintaining the highest level of “quality at speed” we provide.

Also I like to share my knowledge and know-how with other people, who might be facing issues I used to face in the past – be it recording, mixing, mastering or music production related.

This is what tomasdabas.eu is about – so everyone can benefit from my experience and unusual point of view to decluter myself from unnecessary gear in/and studio, work with what I have, find the most efficient ways to do tasks everyone is doing in most expensive ways because “it’s the ONLY right way”.

I’m a dedicated opponent of old dogmas, that’s why I love to improvise and look for unconventional solutions of doing stuff in my professional life. Be it recording professional VOs in my car using handheld recorder or a cell, mixing productions with only bundled or free plugins on headphones, working on a laptop, trying to bring all my workflows to Linux environment or implementing remote recording solutions.

On tomasdabas.eu expect to find music production related tutorials, articles, advice and of course occasional free sound effects. I’m also doing my best to respond to every question I get here in the comments section as well as provide further and deeper help if needed and if I’m able to.

Now because I’m a father of an awesome boy and husband of an awesome woman I take advantage of working from home and only head to the studio if clients prefer to be present during recording process. Which happens rarely.

Also if it’s somehow relevant I’m a vegetarian, SEO and WP-admin, I also train Nhat-Nam (Vietnamese traditional martial art), do occasional tricking and flush myself with a bucked of cold water after EVERY shower since 2015.

That’s about it. Thanks for stopping by! Have fun and let us see if I can help you somehow!